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Ian Paice (born 29 June, 1948 in Nottingham, England) made his name as the drummer with seminal heavy rock band Deep Purple. As of Jon Lord's departure in 2002, he is the only founding member of the band still performing with the group.

Early days

Born in Nottingham, England his family moved to Bicester in Oxfordshire.

He was originally interested in playing the violin, but switched to drums at the age of 15. He once recalled: "Eventually I bought a kit for 32 pounds and went round accompanying my father who was a pianist playing waltzes and quicksteps. It was a wee bit insipid but it was a start."[1]

Heavily influenced by Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and other jazz drummers, Ian is one of the few hard rock drummers who uses swing and jazz inflections in his powerhouse style.[citation needed] He is also left-handed.

He was the drummer in a local Bicester group called "Georgie and the Rave ons" George Adams (rip) was the lead singer. The group later changed their name to "The Shindings". Ian left "The Shindings" to join a group called "MI5" later renamed "The Maze".

[edit] Deep Purple

He played alongside Rod Evans in The Maze. After this, at 19, he helped create Deep Purple in 1968.[2] He participated in the 80s 'Super Drumming' event. He is the only one who has been in every Deep Purple lineup until the present.[3] He has also played with Paice, Ashton & Lord, Whitesnake, and Gary Moore.

[edit] Whitesnake

From 1979-1982 he was a member of Whitesnake. Ian was asked by David Coverdale to join on the Japanese Tour for the 'Lovehunter' album in 1979. He appeared on the albums 'Ready An' Willing', 'Live in the Heart of the City', 'Come An' Get It' & 'Saints and Sinners'. This incarnation of Whitesnake also featured Jon Lord as three members of the Mark III lineup of Deep Purple were in Whitesnake during this period. Following musical differences with David Coverdale he left Whitesnake in 1982.

[edit] Gary Moore Band

Ian joined Gary Moore's Band from 1982-1984 until he rejoined the Deep Purple Mark II reunion.

In the summer of '92, Ian Paice guested at a Leukaemia Research charity concert in Oxford, with members of Bad Company and Procol Harum which included a rendition of "A Whiter Shade of Pale".

He guested on Paul McCartney's Run Devil Run (1999) rock'n'roll album. Steve Morse says about Ian Paice: "He's like a real heavy Ringo. He's just so good on the drums, but doesn't want to make a big deal about it."[2]

He is almost always seen wearing blue (or occasionally green or purple) coloured spectacles.[4]

[edit] Personal life

Ian Paice is married and has three children: James, Emmy and Calli. His wife, Jacky, is the twin sister of Jon Lord's wife, Vicky. Paice lives with his family in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

[edit] Drum clinics/guest performances

Ian Paice has been touring with his drum clinics extensively since 1980s. Additionally he very often gives performances with Deep Purple coverbands, playing many obscure Deep Purple songs, often never played by the band themselves.

  • 1992 - UK, England, Oxford - charity concert in aid of Leukemia Research
  • 1997 - Poland
  • September 1999 - Norway, Hell, Hell Blues Festival - concert with Paul Martinez (bs) and Tony Ashton (vpc/pno), also a drum clinic
  • March 2001 - drum clinics in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney Australia
  • 15 March 2002 - one-off concert with Italian guitarist Tolo Marton
  • September 2002 - Poland, Opole - appearance at the Opole Drumming Festival
  • December 2001 - Tour of Germany with Pete York (dr), Colin Hodgkinson (bs) and Miller Anderson (voc/gtr)
  • 24 June 2004 - UK, England, London - concert at the opening of London Drum Company with Chad Smith, filmed and released on DVD the next year
  • 2005 - concert with Chad Smith at the Modern Drummer Festival, filmed and released on DVD
  • 2005 - Poland, Piekary Śląskie
  • 2005 - Sweden, Stockholm, Bass n' Drum Festival
  • 25 May 2005 - Austria, Vienna - concert with a band led by Austrian drummer, Bernhard Welz
  • 29 November 2005 - UK, England, London - Appearance at the Clive Burr Testimonial
  • 13 January 2006 - UK, England, Reading - charity concert
  • 31 March, 1 April 2006 - Germany, Frankfurt, ProLight+Sound - two concerts with Don Airey, Thijs van Leer, and others
  • September 2006 - UK, England, London - charity concert at The Sunflower Jam, organised by Jacky Paice
  • 25 February 2007 - Austria - concert with a Deep Purple coverband Demon's Eye
  • 2 March 2007 - UK, Wales, Glamorgan University - guest appearance in support of the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries initiative
  • 20 September 2007 - UK, England, London - concert at The Sunflower Jam, organised by Jacky Paice
  • 17 October 2007 - UK, England, Liverpool - concert with a Deep Purple coverband Cheap Purple
  • 13 January 2008 - UK, England, London - performance at the Childline Rocks with Glenn Hughes
  • 5 April 2008 - Italy, Padva - concert with an Italian Deep Purple coverband Terzo Capitolo
  • 24 May 2008 - Germany, Cologne - Rock Legends Adventures
  • 1 June 2008 - UK, England, Nottingham, East Midlands Conference Centre - Pearl Day 2008
  • 29 August 2008 - Italy, Fano, Marina dei Cesari - drum clinic and concert with Machine Head, Italian Deep Purple coverband
  • 25 September 2008 - UK, England, London - charity concert at The Sunflower Jam, organised by Jacky Paice
  • 17,18,20 December 2008 - Short German tour with a Deep Purple coverband, Purpendicular.

[edit] Equipment

Ian uses Pearl drumkits as his main performing drums, incorporating Paiste cymbals and Promark sticks. A devotee of Ludwig kits during the seventies, he switched to Pearl around 1984, which he still plays. He also prefers a single bass drum set-up, both live and in the studio. Also he uses a double bass drum pedal just for "Fireball". Pearl Drums produce his signature snare drum.[1]

He has also released a solo DVD which is aimed at both drummers and music fans in general.[2]

[edit] Recognitions

On 5 November 2007 at the Classic Rock Awards, Jacky and Ian Paice received the Childline award in recognition of their philanthropic work with the SunflowerJam raising money for children with cancer. Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden presented them with the award. It was the first time the award has been given.

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